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As a busy mom of 3, I find that there are many things I need to have done in a day. From taking the kids to the doctor, to finding someone to landscape the yard. Being a mom, when it comes to finding a family doctor, I want someone who I can trust. A doctor who is both knowledgeable and compassionate, and who I can see without having to wait 6 months to get in. With kids, they play with other kids, they go to the parks, and they touch everything, then they touch their faces. So when one of my kids ends up getting sick, I want to be able to call my family physician, tell them what is going on with my kids, then be seen that day.

At the time, we have a doctor who is amazing, she knows our family, and has seen our kids for the past few years, but when we move to a new city, I want to be able to find another family doctor, who is just as great. The thing is, if we were to move, I would not know where to turn to in order to find that one doctor who would be a great fit for us.

This is a dilemma that many people find themselves in. We were in a similar situation when our kids pediatrician, who was just as amazing as our current doctor, retired. We were heartbroken, I mean, he had been there from the time our two eldest kids were born, and he knew our family well. And when he told us he was retiring, he gave us some recommendations, but I was unsure since I was not familiar with the doctors on the list. I ended up turning to friends and family, asking them for advice on a new doctor, and after asking around, we found one that was suitable for myself and my family.

Well, when the time comes where we end up moving, and I find myself looking once again for a new pediatrician, I want to find reliable sources when it comes to those recommendations. I want to know what others think, and be confident in my choice. I will be able to do this by using the Knowzz App, where I can find those trusted local services, by getting recommendations of other parents!

With Knowzz, I can turn to the app, and find services in my area, that have been used by others. This app also makes finding services like finding a family doctor, or even finding a trusted landscaper, quick and easy, and the recommendations come from friends, other parents, homeowners, and more, who understand the need for trusted and quality services. Making Knowzz, my go to app when I am looking for local services! So the next time you are needing to find a new doctor, music teacher, or any other local service, use the Knowzz App, and find services that are trusted by others!

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