#Giveaway Invisalign: Discussing the Options when it Comes to Braces vs Invisalign for your Teen

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As a parent, I know that with kids, they will grow, and that at one time I was a kid as well. I know that when it comes to their smiles, we will want to keep them bright and help make their teeth straight. With Estrella getting older, and her adult teeth making their presence known, we have noticed that not all of her teeth have come in straight. So as many parents have done and will do in the future, is look at the options that are available when it comes to straightening the teeth.

I mean, when I was a kid, there was one option, and that usually meant the option of the braces. This option was one that we did not look forward to, and aside from the initial pain that comes along with putting the braces on, you also had the rubbing on the gums and cheeks, then those monthly adjustments. You also have the fear of playing sports, and getting hit in the mouth with those braces on, causing more injury. Then there are the other kids in school, which we all know, not all kids are nice, and having a mouth full of metal can be something that is terrifying for kids on more than one level.

One option that my husband and I have discussed and we have even asked our orthodontist about is Invisalign Teen. With the Invisalign option, Estrella finds that she will not have the worries of those wires in her mouth, nor the worry of other kids picking on her for having a mouth full of metal. Another plus that my husband and I like about the Invisalign Teen is that we will not have to worry about any of those emergency Orthodontist visits like when a wire comes loose, and in fact, if we go with the Invisalign Teen, we will have a lot less appointments, since the aligner sets will be given to us in advance!

Other things that we can put on the list when it comes to making the decision to use the Invisalign Teen when the time comes in the near future is, Estrella will not be restricted from eating certain foods, and when it comes to her oral hygiene, she will be able to brush and floss easily, since the Invisalign is removable! Which also keeps those options open when it comes to other activities like playing an instrument, cheer leading, volleyball and more!

I like that the Invisalign Teen is just as effective as the traditional braces, and that as Estrella begins to hit those vulnerable pre-teen and teenage years in her life, her smile will be one less thing to worry about when it comes to her confidence!

So if you are like the many parents out there, who are in the same boat as we are, knowing that the need for a teeth alignment solution is in the near future, ask your Orthodontist for information on Invisalign Teen, and look at the difference it can make for your teen! Also, if your Orthodontist is not specialized with Invisalign, you can go to the Invisalign page, and go to the search for a doctor, to find a Doctor who is experienced with Invisalign and Invisalign Teen near you!

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