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In our home, when it comes to snacks, well, our four legged fur babies enjoy their snacks just as much as our kids do, so as a pet owner, I like to find treats for my fur babies that are not only tasty but natural, just as I do with our kids! Recently I was sent such treats for both our cat Nala and our dog Chloe to try, when I was sent some natural and tasty treats from Canidae to review.

For Nala, she is a cat, a very independent and active kitty, and well, unlike the dogs, she basically refuses to do tricks for us to get a treat, instead, she kinda just expects them for being so cute and for all of the hard work she does when it comes to catching bugs, stray strings and such. So with the Canidae Grain Free Pure Taste Treats for cats, she can get those treats that she expects from us, since after all, she does keep any mice away from the house, and she is also pretty good about getting any unsuspecting toes she finds coming around corners that might need to be put in their place. I like that they 100% grain free snacks, along with the size which is small which is perfect for my Nala. Nala likes that they have a crunchy texture, which can also help with keeping her teeth healthy and freshen her breath, and the salmon taste is also a plus according to her!

Then for Chloe, she also enjoys a great treat, but unlike Nala, Chloe will sit pretty, shake a hand, or lie down for a treat, just so she can amuse the kids. So when she is given the Canidae Grain Free Pure Heaven Biscuits, she can get a very delicious and nutritious treat, with the salmon and sweet potato biscuits!

I like that they are natural, but also that they can be snapped in half so when we are at the dog park, she can share her treats with some of her smaller doggy friends. I also like that like with the cat treats, these treats can help with Chloe’s teeth and freshening her breath! In all, making the treats for our four legged fur babies from Canidae a great choice for any fur baby!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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