Let Bing Rewards Help your Child's School #AdFreeSearch

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Having a mom who is a teacher, I know that when it comes to the supplies that are needed in the classroom, teachers usually rely on their own out of pocket costs. This is due to small budgets that the schools are given, so when it comes to finding ways that can help teachers, I not only share them, but I also participate so that I can help my kids schools as well.

With today’s world of technology, I know that in order for kids to be knowledgeable, they need to have the tools to succeed by having those tools available in the classrooms. These tools can be quite costly, and can be something that schools and teachers can not afford to have for their students. So having programs like the Bing Rewards, which gives people the chance to donate their earned points to schools for Surface Tablets, is very important and beneficial to have in place for our kids and their futures!

I like that with the Bing Rewards, as I earn points, I can selflessly donate those points, knowing that they will go to a good cause, the cause of our children’s educations and future. Having tablets like the Surface available in the classroom, not only helps our kids, but it also helps the teachers, so they can teach and prepare our kids for the future as well.

With Surface Tablets in the classrooms, students and teachers can access Bing in the Classroom , which offers ad free searches for kids. And can be used for research, studying, homework and more! I say more, because with the Bing in the Classroom, teachers can utilize the tools that Bing offers, like digital literacy lesson plans and teaching from the Bing in the Classroom platform, giving both teachers and students the tools needed for success!

You can start with helping the future of our kids and their educations when you Sign up for Bing Rewards!

Learn more about Bing in the Classroom and Show support for #adfreesearch!

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