Refreshing Oat Powered Fruit Smoothies from Oatworks

In the mornings when we are getting the crew together, I like to ensure everyone is fed before we head out, but there are plenty of times where I might get everyone taken care then forget to fix something for myself. With times like that, having products on hand that can offer both the energy I need to get my day started and help fill me up is ideal. Recently I was sent such products when I was sent a variety of drinks from Oatworks to review!

Oatworks are oat powered fruit smoothies that are not only satisfying to drink in the mornings or even in the afternoons when I need that extra boost and something to help satisfy my hunger, but I like that they are heart healthy! Knowing that the oat beta glucan is scientifically proven to lower the bad cholesterol, not only makes them a great choice for myself, but also a great smoothie drink to keep stocked in the house for the entire family to enjoy!

I like that I can get the Oatworks smoothies in a variety of flavors, which are all very tasty and a very satisfying drink for this mom to grab during my on the go life! So if you are looking for a great smoothie drink that is not only satisfying when it comes to hunger, but that also helps boost your energy and is good for you and your family, then check out the Oatworks Oat Powered Fruit Smoothies today!

Product received, all opinions are my own.

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