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When I think of those fun childhood memories from my own summers as a kid, one thing that I can remember looking forward to were those Fourth of July fireworks shows each year. I can remember being mesmerized by the big pop they would make when they would shoot up into the sky, then watching in awe as those colors lit up the night skies!

Now that I have my own kids to make even more memories with, I find that seeing that same amazement and awe in their eyes when we go see the fireworks show each year, brings back memories of what it was like to be a kid again. I know that after the fireworks are over, the kids can go on talking about the fun they had watching them, and talking about how they can not wait until next year, when they can see them again. Well to help with keeping those visions of the fireworks alive, even after the Fourth of July shows are over, I was sent a fun, Fireworks Light Show Launcher from Uncle Milton Toys to review.

With this fun fireworks launcher, the kids can enjoy fireworks anytime they want, from the comfort of their own rooms or any room in the house! They just pump the fireworks launcher, choose a image, then pull the trigger to watch as fun fireworks burst onto the walls! With the Disney one, the kids can watch some of their favorite Disney Characters in the 8 images that pop out of this fun launcher! It is easy to use, and the kids can choreograph a new light show each night, with their Fireworks Light Show Launcher from Uncle Milton!

Another great toy we were sent from the Uncle Milton line of products is also one the kids can have fun with in their rooms, is the Wild Walls! With this Disney Cars version of the Bring Your Walls To Life, my kids can decorate and redecorate over and over again. And unlike the usual wall stickers that the kids can put up, with the Wild Walls, the stickers come to life with light and sound effects. Giving the kids a decorating experience on their walls, one like no other! With the Wild Walls, the kids can also add other fun characters from the Disney line as well as others like sports themed and more!

You can find these great kids products along with many others available now! Well along with these great products from Uncle Milton, the great people from Uncle Milton are hosting a contest for their fans! Unleash your imagination!! Step one, head to a @Target store, step 2 find @Uncle Milton #Wallfriends and WildWalls, Step 3: Take a #selfie and enter here: WIN, WIN, WIN, $100 or $250 dollars worth gift cards #uncle milton!!!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review. 
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