Summer Safety Tips from Pop-A-Lock

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Summer has officially kicked off, and with that means taking extra safety precautions when it comes to the summer heat. There are many concerns that parents have and take extra precautions with, like ensuring that the kids have the sunscreen on when they are outdoors, and keeping the bugs at bay with bug repellent. These are things that we keep in mind and try to stay on top of as we are enjoying the summer vacation time. But aside from the dangers of the sun on the skin and the dangers that can come from a bug bite, there are other dangers that lurk, and that parents and caregivers alike need to be aware of. The dangers are of the heat that the summer brings, and the dangers of leaving kids in unattended vehicles during these hot summer days.

Now many parents out there might think, I would never leave my child in the car unattended, especially during the hot summers, but it happens, and it is not always the parents that leave the child in the car, that may lead to the life threatening and even deadly consequences of heat exposure. Due to the summer weather upon us and those dangers of heat exposure being a reality, the wonderful people from Pop-A-Lock have decided to share important information that both parents and caregivers should know to keep children safe this summer!

It has been reported that there have been about 606 heatstroke deaths among children in cars since 1998, and in the report it shows that 18% of those deaths were caused by a child being left intentionally by an adult. So to help with keeping kids safe this summer, Pop-A-Lock wants to share the “PALSaves 1-2-3”, which is a call to action.

Now kids, as we all know, like to play outdoors, and one thing that I know my kids like to play with their friends is hide and go seek. With outdoor play and games as innocent as hide and go seek, as well as children just having natural curiosity to explore and get into cars, 29% of those accidental heatstroke deaths are caused by kids, playing in unattended vehicles. And one of the precautions that is part of the “PALSaves 1-2-3” is to keep unattended vehicles locked at all times, to keep children from getting inside of them during the hot summer days. This is not just for vehicles that are in a driveway, they urge that any unattended vehicle remained locked, even ones in the garage, as to avoid accidental heat exposure and even death that can occur if a child were to get inside.

Along with the 29% of deaths that were caused by children playing in unattended vehicles, the highest amount of deaths were caused by a child who was forgotten by a caregiver, which lead to 59% of child deaths due to heatstroke. To avoid ever leaving a child you are taking care of or even your own child, “PALSaves 1-2-3” suggests that you leave something important on the floorboard in the backseat, like your cellphone, purse, employee ID or anything else you know you will need.

Another tip is to always have a large stuffed animal in your car, and when the child is not in their seat, leave the stuffed animal in their seat. Then when the child is in their car seat, place that stuffed animal in the front passenger seat, to remind you of the child that is in the car.

Aside from taking extra precautions to ensure that a child does not get stuck in a vehicle on a hot summer day, remember that if it were to happen or if you notice a child in a unattended vehicle, act fast, so that you can save a life. Also, remember to call 9-1-1 right away and then call 1-800-POP-A-LOCK.

So as you prepare for the summer break, keep these precautions in mind, also be sure to educate any caregivers, sitters and others, so you and everyone you know, can be sure to keep children safe so everyone can enjoy the summer! Also be sure to take the same precautions when it comes to the four legged fur babies during the heat of the hot summer.

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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