Fixing a Healthy Super Foods Meal for Your Pet (Guest Post)

With all that you read about how some pet foods may not be as natural as the labels say it can be scary to decide which food to give your beloved pet. The only way to be completely sure what your pet is eating is to prepare it yourself. It sounds time-consuming, but think about how much time you spent looking for wirelessfence for dogs review so you could pick the best one for your pet. Shouldn’t what your pet eats get just as much time? And you wouldn’t buy just any cheapdog fence so why purchase pet foods that may not be as healthy as you want?

Fixing a tasty dish for your pet is very simple. Here is a recipe to try!

  • one half cup of chopped broccoli

  • one fillet of fish, such as trout

  • one cup of sliced carrots

  • one sliced sweet potato

  • one half cup stewed cranberries

  • one cup of soybeans

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and tear off a piece of non-stick foil that is large enough to form a packet for the meal. Lay the fish, skin side down, on the foil and place the sweet potatoes, carrots and beans on top. Add the broccoli and spoon the cranberries over the top. Completely wrap the food so that no steam can escape while it is baking for 35 – 40 minutes. Because steam can burn, you will want to be very careful when you open the package. Be sure to let the food cool completely before you feed your pets and remember to cut the vegetables into smaller pieces if you have a small pet.

Best Super Foods

See how easy that was? All you need to know is what foods are considered super foods and you will be ready to create your own recipes for your pets. You probably already know many of the super foods, as they are the same ones that you eat to stay healthy. The health benefits of these foods work for pets, too.

Stop saving the organic sweet potatoes for holiday dinners! Both you and your pet would benefit from having a serving of sweet potatoes every day as they aid in the prevention of cancer and can slow the aging process.

Oily fish, such as herring, orange roughy, salmon and trout, are excellent sources of Omega 3 fatty acids that aid in increasing intelligence and improving behaviors. Beans have been a staple of our diets for years, but rarely do we think to give them to our pets. The protein in the beans is very important to our pets, too, and beans can help burn body fat.

Organic carrots are perhaps the most convenient super food. They are relatively inexpensive and very easy to carry as snacks. Give one to your dog or cat and see how much they enjoy it. Carrots prevent heart disease and improve vision.

Although broccoli is a very important super food, be sure that no more than ten percent of your pet’s diet contains broccoli. It helps treat heart disease, fights infections, and prevents cancer and can help the body get rid of toxins.

With this list of super foods, you will be able to prepare delicious and healthy meals for your pets every day!

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