Fueling the Kids for Outdoor Play with Honey Maid

Summer is here and with the hype around the World Cup, I find the kids and their friends to be holding their own soccer competitions. The kids love to go out and kick the ball, and after watching some of those intense games this summer, the kids like to head outdoors with their friends and recreate games of their own.

Aside from insuring the kids stay hydrated while they play a game of soccer in the park or out in front of the house, I also like to keep the kids fueled up with snacks that keep them going. Recently I was sent some great snacks to send the kids out with and fuel them up for outdoor play when I was sent some of the Honey Maid Grahamfuls and those adorable tasty, Honey Maid Teddy Grahams to review!

With the Honey Maid Grahams, we can find a variety of delicious flavors which includes the classic Honey, Apple, Strawberry Banana, and the new Mixed Berry flavor! I also like that when we give the kids the Teddy Grahams, they get a good source of calcium, zinc, iron, and 8g of whole grains per serving! They are also low in saturated fats, and do not have any cholesterol, and with 6 amazing flavors to choose from, the kids can enjoy a great snack during any snack time.

Then with the Honey Maid Grahamfuls, we can have another fun snack that reminds us of those yummy smores that we enjoy when we go camping! But instead of having to wait on a camping trip, we can enjoy a delicious smore snack anytime! With the Honey Maid Grahamfuls, there are no high fructose syrups, and the kids can get 100% whole grain, and real honey! I also like that we can find a variety of fun flavors to choose from aside from the smore, we can get Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Banana Vanilla Creme, Strawberry Yogurt Creme, and Cinnamon Creme. Making snack time with Honey Maid, fun, and also a great variety of snacks to serve the kids while they not only watch the World Cup, but also fuel them up for their own fun soccer games!

So as you gear up the crew for the World Cup, be sure to pick up some of the Honey Maid products and make your party one to remember! You can find out more about the products I reviewed as well as other great Honey Maid products by heading to  www.honeymaid.com!

I was given product and compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

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