#Giveaway Keeping Bugs Away with the Raid Defense System

Bugs are, well bugs, and in my home, I do not want to see them. Being in Texas with the heat we have had this summer, on top of all of the rain we have been getting, we tend to find a lot of bugs, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. We see them when we are outside, but when I go inside, I do not want to see them or find them around the inside of my house. So to help with ensuring that those bugs stay outside where they belong, I was sent the Raid Defense System to review.

The Raid Defense System is a variety of Raid products that help indoors by targeting and getting rid of the pesky bugs like ants and roaches, that might find their ways indoors. Then to help keep them from coming in again once I have treated the inside of my home, I can use the Raid Bug Barrier, and spray an invisible barrier along the outside of my home. I can also use the Raid Bug Barrier Defense Marker along the outside of my window sills, keeping the bugs from finding alternative ways of making their ways in my home. All helping to keep my home free of pesky bugs!

With the products that make the Raid Defense System complete, and help me with keeping the bugs outdoors where they belong, I find I can be more at ease, not worrying about bugs in my home! Well to help with getting rid of and keeping those bugs at bay and outdoors where they belong, the wonderful people from Raid would like to equip one of my amazing readers their own Raid Defense System.


This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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  1. Kris
    July 27, 2014 / 1:39 am

    I need the ant gel and bait traps!!

  2. D Schmidt mummytotwoboys
    July 27, 2014 / 7:10 pm

    It suggested I purchase Ant Gel

  3. jbmthill
    July 28, 2014 / 12:59 pm

    I could really use the bug barrier all along my deck to keep the nasty carpenter ants away. Would also like the ant gel!like2sweep@gmail.comBeth H

  4. Em Mahr
    July 28, 2014 / 5:10 pm


  5. Rebecca Parsons
    July 28, 2014 / 8:20 pm

    We get a lot of ants so I think the Raid® Ant Baits III would work great.

  6. Shannon F
    July 30, 2014 / 9:35 pm

    I need the ant gel! I think it would really help us out! Thanks for the chance!

  7. scottsgal
    July 31, 2014 / 12:11 pm

    the only bugs we really get are occasional bees and wasps in the yard so I'd pick that

  8. Breanne
    August 1, 2014 / 8:12 pm

    Raid Ant Gel

  9. dawn keenan
    August 6, 2014 / 7:05 pm

    The ant gel would be helpful. The ants are horrible this year.

  10. Madonna
    August 8, 2014 / 6:36 pm

    I need the ant gel. I swear I think my house is on a giant ant hill. They are everywhere.

  11. JLin Mei
    August 11, 2014 / 5:44 pm


  12. Tracy D.
    August 15, 2014 / 7:10 am

    We could really use the ant gel right about now. Ants are coming in through our back door and making themselves at home.

  13. Deborah Gardner
    August 15, 2014 / 4:23 pm

    Raid Ant Baits would be helpful in my apartment kitchen, ants are finding their way in!

  14. Jillian T
    August 16, 2014 / 3:49 am

    The Raid Ant Baits III would really help us keep our house pest free.

  15. Hannah
    July 16, 2018 / 6:01 pm

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