How to Choose the Right Moses Basket for Your Baby

One of the exciting tasks which parents-to-be have is selecting an appropriate Moses basket for their new arrival. Its relatively small size ensures baby can’t wriggle too far down whilst the high walls enhance safety and prevent uncomfortable drafts disrupting sleep. With so many advantages, it’s clear why it is normally near the top of the list of must-haves in any nursery. If you’re planning to purchase one, read on to discover what options and accessories are available to complement your investment.

Natural Materials are Very Safe for Baby

Traditionally made from willow, today these delightful baskets are made from a variety of different natural sources, including corn husk and wicker. A Moses basket is a great investment for parents because they are durable comfortable and lightweight. The addition of a well-fitting mattress, appropriately covered, gives even greater comfort for baby to enjoy at night.

Consider Purchasing an Additional Stand

The said basket is often safest on the floor, as even if baby manages to get themselves out they aren’t going to fall anywhere. If you would prefer the basket higher up, then a special stand can often be easily purchased. It’s advisable to purchase the stand and basket together, as sometimes there can be issues with compatibility if the items are bought separately.

Fancy Dressing Isn’t Essential

Whilst many parents love the opportunity to bedeck the said basket and stand with yards of embroidered material, this won’t affect the function of the basket and may even lead to additional laundry when the dressing needs washing. Remember that a stable, well-constructed stand, suitable mattress and sturdily made basket are the key requirements for a suitable bed for baby. Don’t be tempted to compromise on the basics just because a flimsier alternative looks more appealing.

Chosen correctly, a Moses basket which has appropriate bedding and is safely located makes an excellent first bed for any baby. Easily portable and extremely comfortable, it can help baby sleep as contentedly, which means mum and dad can hopefully get some shut-eye too!

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