Making Travel with Kids Easier with the JVC Kids Tinyphone Headphones

Traveling is something that takes a lot out of you, and when you are traveling with kids, not only are you exhausted, but they too are exhausted, from the extreme boredom they might have to experience, lol. So as a parent, I search for products, before heading out, that can help make the travel experience a little less boring, which in hand, relieves some of the stress that we parents might experience from the constant nagging of the kids informing us of how incredibly bored they are.

Well to help with this years summer travel, we were sent some of the Kids Tinyphone Headphones from JVC to review. These headphones give us a chance to let the kids escape into their music and or games while we travel, giving mom and dad a little relief from trying to keep the kids occupied while waiting in airports for hours on end during a layover.

One thing that both kids really liked were not only the colors, but the stickers that came with their headphones, so they could personalize them before the trip. Estrella found her new headphones to be not only great for wearing while we waited a few hours in the airport with her 2 younger brothers, to help make the time go by a little faster, but when we boarded our plane, and realized there was in flight entertainment, she found another great use for her headphones while traveling. This also turned out to be a plus for Robert as well, both in the terminal being able to plug into his DS, and in the plane to watch the movie.

Then for the mom aspect, where we want to protect our kids precious ears from being damaged by sound being too loud, I like that not only are the cushions on the headphones made to fit a child’s ear, but the sound volume has a limiter, so they do not get too loud, protecting their hearing! I also like that they are made for kids ages 3 and up, and can be worn comfortably, for extended use. Making the Tinyphone Headphones from JVC, a very ideal choice to get the kids, especially when you are planning any summer travel!

Product received, thank you to JVC  for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own!
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