Natural Organic Feminine Hygiene Products from Natracare

As a mom, I find that I am always on the look out for products, that offer better alternatives, ones that are natural and organic options for my family. But as a woman, I tend to put my own needs for natural organic products for myself on the back burner. I mean, when it comes to feminine hygiene products, I just buy what I find on the shelves, not really thinking about what I am putting in my body or using as a personal hygiene product for myself, where when it comes to my family, I will search out products that offer a natural route for them. For example, when thinking about tampons I use, I do not think of the chemicals that are on the cottons used to make the tampons, not thinking of those chemicals we put into our bodies each month. Well recently I was introduced to a feminine hygiene line of products, that are natural and organic when I was given some of the Natracare products to review.

With the Natracare line of products, I found that I can find safer products like panty liners and tampons, that are made from organic cotton, and do not have chemicals or pesticides in them. Instead, the tampons are made from certified 100% organic, GMO-free cotton, that are free of any harmful residues from pesticide sprays and chlorine bleaches, which gives me a peace of mind when using the products from Natracare. I also like that like the tampons, the pads are also organic and neither of the products contain any plastics or synthetic materials, using only natural products, which is the ideal route to go when it comes to our bodies.

Aside from the panty liners, pads and tampons that can be found in the Natracare line of products, I also found that I can use a organic intimate wipes, and even baby wipes that are organic as well! I like that with the line of wipes from Natracare, they are also made of organic cotton, and the oils used in the wipes are essential oils, they do not contain any SLS or parabens, and they are 99% biodegradable, making the family of Natracare products, a new line of products I use in my home.

Along with the products I was sent, I was also able to share additional products with my moms group. I found that I am not the only one who did not think about the chemicals that are in tampons and other feminine hygiene products, and that like myself, others found that they would prefer a natural organic alternative when it comes to purchasing and using feminine hygiene products. Making the line of products from Natracare, something I will use for myself, and something that other moms agree is a better line of products for themselves as well.

Product received, thank you to Natracare for supplying me with products for this review, all opinions are my own!

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