Start the School Year off with a Jamberry StyleBox Subscription

As we get closer to the new school year, and begin our back to school shopping, Estrella and I find those must have accessories to get that will go with her back to school wardrobe. Aside from the clothes, accessories, and school supplies, we also have a tradition, where we head to get manicures before school starts, so Estrella can head to school with a fresh new look! Well with all of the summer sleep overs that the Estrella and her friends have been enduring in this summer, we have found that the days of rooms filled with the intoxicating smell of nail polish are coming to a end and those popular nail wraps are becoming the way to do nails.

The new nail wraps not only replace the nail polish and that smell that lingers in the air after applying nail polish, but they also replace all of those hours and money we spend, going to the salons to have our nails done and money spent on nail art. The nail wrap company that is becoming a rage, one that we see others talking about online on Facebook and talking about their nail parties is the Jamberry Nails! Like many others out there, we have found the Jamberry Nails to be the new way of doing nails, a way where we can easily not only change the colors on our nails, but also apply designs, that we might have spent quite a bit on at the salons, all in the comfort of our home. 

With Estrella and her friends, they find the Jamberry Nails to be a fun item to have for sleepovers, eliminating that room filled with the smell of nail polish, and also a new must have accessory for this years back to school season. We have found that they are easy to apply, and also easy to change out when we want to take the designs off and apply a new one. When I say they are easy to apply, I mean it. To start, you just select the design pack you want to go with, then like we once did with those artificial nails we wore back in the 90’s, you find the wraps that fit your nails, then trim them down to fit your nail length and shape, just as Estrella did in the picture below.

Then, to get the wraps to adhere and stay on, you either dry them under a nail dryer or use a hair dryer for about 3 minutes, and bam, you have way better than salon quality nail design, in under 10 minutes, without the mess or smell of nail polish, and without having to leave home and spend a whole lot of money at a salon!

Aside from the ease of use, we were also told about a great way to get our Jamberry Nails, delivered to our door, monthly, so we can have new wraps, ready to be applied each month, which will be nice to have with the new school year approaching. And the Jamberry StyleBox will be here in August, which will be just in time for the new school year! Oh, and right now through July 31st, you can enter to win a years subscription to the StyleBox’s by submitting some Jamberry designs of your own! To enter, follow these steps:

Step 1: Draw It: Design a nail wrap that you want to see made into a reality!

Step 2: Style It: Style your design with a chic outfit (wear it; hang it; lay it out)

Step 3: Post It: Snap a pic and submit on either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, tagging @JamberryNails and using the hashtag #StyleBoxContest

The winner will not only see their design in a Jamberry StyleBox, but they will also get a 1 year Jamberry Stylebox Subscription! 

So this year, as you prepare for the back to school shopping season, be sure to check out the nail wraps from Jamberry, and also be sure to get your Jamberry StyleBox Subscription! 

Product received, thank you to Jamberry for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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