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With the summer here, we have a lot of fun entertaining, with the backyard barbecues, playing in the water, and spending time with friends and family! When we have guests over for entertaining, we enjoy not only having good food, but also having music to help set a fun and energetic mood! To help with the music and sound quality in our own home, we were sent some Samsung M5 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers from Best Buy, to kick off the start of Audio Fest at Best Buy!

This sound system is great, because with having the two wireless speakers, we can enhance the sound quality not only in the house, but outside as well. We can set up this system to have one speaker indoors, and one outdoors, or for when we decide to take the party inside, we can just move both speakers indoors and set them up in different rooms to help bring the quality sound experience in various rooms, adding more speakers to the system as needed!

I also like that we can sync our different devices that have the Bluetooth options on them, so we can really personalize our music experience. Aside from syncing our Bluetooth devices, I can also use these speakers to enhance the quality of sound that our TV’s deliver, by syncing up the TV SoundConnect, making our movie watching experience one like being in a theater, but from the privacy of our home! There are also volume controls, a standard auxillary input so we can connect other devices, then set up using the vertical stand, so it can be placed in different areas and remain sturdy!

Then when we utilize the Samsung Speaker Wireless Hub, we can connect multiple devices, allowing us to connect multiple devices simultaneously! Both the speakers and the Hub are very easy to set up and use, so when we choose to switch the devices to play the music or even programs from the TV, it can be done easily, making the sound aspect of entertaining easy, helping to get parties, movie nights, and days of just jamming to some tunes, easy and effortless!

Well to help with building or enhancing the sound systems in your homes, Best Buy is hosting the August Audio Fest, where now through August 30th, you will find amazing deals, audio specials, events and more, at your local Best Buy store and online at!

You can go to your local Best Buy, to not only see and take advantage of all of the amazing deals and specials, but you can also test and try out the latest and greatest in the audio products that they have to offer, from the portable Bluetooth speakers and headphones, to the home theater solutions and car audio! Making Best Buy not only the place where you can find the best selection of audio products, but also the place to be this August to experience the Audio Fest for yourself, where you can test and find out how to set up and upgrade your own sound, and Love the Way You Listen! 

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.
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