Back to School Fashion from Lands' End

As we head out shopping for those back to school looks that the kids see as a must have, I find myself feeling nostalgic. When I look at all of the styles that the kids want, I see styles that I can remember being in, and once being the hottest looks for school when I was a kid. So it was no surprise to me, when we started our back to school shopping this year, to see all of those leggings back in, and the puffer vests as a must have for Fall this year.

Well, as a parent who knows that when it comes to style for the family, I can find those styles for everyone, in one place when I shop at Lands’ End! This year, when we were given the chance to pick out some items for review for back to school, the kids both agreed that the puffer vests were hot, and a look that everyone will have this year.

Just as we did when we were younger and the puffer vests were a must have outerwear item, the kids are using them to layer with, and although I would think that the layering would be with the long sleeves, the kids have informed me that they go with short sleeved items as well. For me, I like the fact that with the cooler weather we get in the fall, they can keep warm, and wear a very stylish piece of outerwear at the same time. I also like that they are not made with down, instead with a down alternative, so with kids like Estrella, who has allergies to down, she can enjoy the fashion, without having to worry about having a reaction to the clothing. With the down alternative, the ThermaEffects Insulation, the vest will retain heat, and trapping warmth even when the vests get wet, which make them not only a great item to have for school this year, but also a great item to take when we go camping this season!

I also like, that when the days warm up, the kids can pack away their vests easily in the backpacks, because the material can compress easily. Then for when I need to wash the vests, I can wash them in my washing machine on cold, making them easy to clean, and also making the vests from the Lands’ End line of puffer vests, which we can get for the whole family, a must have item this back to school season!

Product received, thank you to Lands’ End for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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