Back to School Shopping at Target for Yoobi

Back to school shopping can be a stressful task for parents, but I find that if I can shop for the school supplies at stores I already shop at for groceries, then I am better off. Well that is what I can get when we shop for school supplies at Target, and when we shop at our local Target for back to school items and we purchase fun products from the Yoobi line. When we shop the line of products from Yoobi we can not only find the items we need to get on those lists, but we can get them for under $10 and for each item we buy from the Yoobi line, Yoobi will give a product to a classroom in need!

This is a win win, because I can not only find colorful, fun items to get the kids and even get to stock up my office, but being the daughter of a school teacher, I know that being able to help teachers with their own school supplies list, can mean the world to a teacher! Because did you know, on average, 99.5% of teachers spend quite a bit of their own money on the school supplies for their classrooms, and they also help by having extra supplies on hand for those kids who do not have everything due to the average back to school shopping bill for parents being $635?

As a parent, who knows the costs that comes out of a teachers pocket, just so they can ensure they have the basic tools they will need for the new school year, and knowing that I can give back to those amazing teachers, by shopping the Yoobi line at Target, helps relieve some of that stress, because giving back just feels good! So this year, as you look over those back to school shopping lists, head to Target and shop the Yoobi line, and help classrooms in need!

Product received, thank you to Yoobi for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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