Back to School Shopping for Less with Dollar General

As a mother of 3, with 2 kids in school and a husband also in school, the back to school shopping can seem like a never ending task. I mean, tomorrow we will be heading back, for that big first day of school, and even after all of the going over the lists, numerous times, as we get the backpacks packed up for tomorrow, I find that there are still plenty of items I need to get. From the supplies that we missed or overlooked, to those odds and ends to pack in the lunches to help make those first days for the kids a success.

Well, like many others out there, with those last minute items that are needed, I find that running to my neighborhood Dollar General not only saves me time with those quick back to school shopping needs, but I can also save money as well!

I find that when I go to my local Dollar General, I can find the items I need, like bottled water, snacks, pencils, cleaning supplies and more for an amazing deal, and when I shop the Dollar General Brand of products, I can save even more! Making the back to school shopping, even for those last minute products, easier to find and shop for, all while saving money, when I shop at my local Dollar General!

So this year, as you prepare the kids for school, head to your local Dollar General, where you can find the products you need for less!

Product received, thank you to Dollar General and the PR Group for supplying me with a gift card for this review, all opinions are my own.
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