Backpacks for Little Ones from Lassig

When it comes to the back to school shopping, Wyatt sees as his older siblings get all the new cool items for them to wear and take to school, and finds that he likes to be included in the fun. He likes going with as we shop, and I like to include him, by making him feel big too, and letting him pick out items to gear him up for all new play dates, and other fun activities he will be engaged in this year as his older siblings are in school.

Well to help with the back to school type shopping for Wyatt, we were sent a very fun, Lassig Wildlife Mini Backpack with a very cute Wildlife Turtle on it from Lassig at HABA! With this backpack, Wyatt can pack up his snacks, juice cups, and toys, as we head to the park and out for play dates with his friends! Wyatt likes that his backpack is just the right size for him, and he also likes that as his older siblings pack up their backpacks for the big day tomorrow when they head back to school, he can also pack up some crayons and coloring books in his so he can get prepared for taking them to school!

In all, making the very adorable Lassig Wildlife Mini Backpacks from Lassig, perfect for gearing up the little ones for school or for adventure, so they can carry all of their items, and feel big! So if you have a little one who will be heading to preschool, or ready to take on adventure at the park and such while the older kids are in school, check out the very adorable Lassig Mini Backpacks at HABA!!

Product received, thank you to HABA for supplying me with  the product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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  1. Casey H
    September 22, 2014 / 10:13 pm

    So cute! Little mini backpacks are just so cute. I thought HABA only had toys- good info.

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