Bottle Cleaning Made Easy with Philips AVENT Drying Rack and Cleaning Brush

There is a lot of care that needs to be done when baby is here, and whether you choose to bottle feed or breastfeed, you will usually have plenty of bottles and breastfeeding products to clean either way. For me, I have always chosen to breastfeed baby, so as we prepare for a new baby to join the family, I want to have products that will help with the breastfeeding journey, and also allow others to bottle feed baby when mom chooses to pump the extra milk.

Recently I was sent a collection of products from Philips AVENT, and among the products I was sent, I received the Philips AVENT Drying Rack along with the Philips AVENT Cleaning Bottle and Nipple Brush to review!

With the brush, we can ensure we clean all of the bottles properly after each feeding, and we can even make sure we get the nipples completely clean as well, so that there is nothing left behind, and help us with keeping all of the babies bottles clean!

Then with the drying rack, after we have cleaned the bottles with the brush, we can dry them, upside down, so that all of the water dries out of the bottles, nipples and lids! I also like that with drying rack, we can place it on the sink, and we can dry a range of bottle, breastfeeding and other baby care items, all on this great drying rack. Making the bottle care products from Philips AVENT a great selection of products to get or add to a baby registry as you prepare for baby!

Product received, thank you to Philips AVENT  for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own!
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