Display Your Kids Art with the My Art Gallery

With the summer time, we enjoy our time outdoors, but when the weather is not so permitting, I like to find great indoor activities to do with the kids. One such activity is doing fun arts and crafts. It seems that at least once a week, the kids find time to sit down to draw and paint, which is not only a great indoor activity, but also a great way to get those minds working. But like many other houses with kids, we end up covering our refrigerator with all of their masterpieces, and they end up getting ruined by Wyatt running by and messing with them, or just from being out, doors being opened, people rubbing up against and such. So this year, instead of displaying all of their artwork all over the refrigerator, I was sent a great and fun kit to put their art in, save it, protect, and show it off for all to see, when I was sent the My Art Gallery to review!

With this great kit, I can rotate the kids art, by just putting their newest pieces in the front to be displayed, while storing the others behind, up to 35 per frame! I also like that I can display the kids artwork in the frames on a metal surface like the refrigerator, or a wall with a flat surface where I can mount the set of frames! Making the My Art Gallery a great item to have in any house with kids!!

Product received, thank you to My Art Gallery and Advertise with Bloggers  for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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