Fresh Water on Hand with the NewAir WCD-210BK

Having a family, as a parent, we want our families to be healthy, from the items they eat to what they drink, and as a parent, I want to ensure my kids are getting the water their bodies need. Now I could give them the water that comes from our faucet, but after the letters we get from the city every few months, telling us about how our water has once again failed certain testing and is not up to standard, I like many other people, tend to only use the city water for bathing, watering, and cleaning with. 

So, as a parent, knowing that my family needs clean drinking water on hand to keep them hydrated, especially with the hot Texas Summers, I want to have water that is just that, water, with nothing harmful or questionable in it. One way that I know I can achieve this, is by having bottled water on hand, but buying those packs of bottled waters can get expensive. I also find that avoiding the city water for cooking with is something I try to do, so to be sure that we not only have quality drinking water on hand, but also water I can feel good about cooking with is key.

Aside from spending tons of money on bottled waters, and also having those plastic bottles going to waste, filling up our trash quickly on a daily basis, I see that having a water dispenser, is a better, and more affordable way to go.

As I look for water coolers, I want one I can use with a variety of the gallon sized, refillable jugs that I can buy and refill at the store or water station. I also want a water cooler, that offers both hot and cold settings, so when I want to go for that cold glass of water I can, or if I want to make a cup of hot tea, without having to wait to heat up my water, I can. And that is what I can get with the NewAir WCD-210BK, as well as more!  

With the NewAir WCD-210BK, I can get that fresh, cold or hot water, on demand, and also control the heat settings, easily, making the water very accessible to drink and use as needed. I also like that with having a water dispenser, I can not only save money by filling my water jugs up at my local grocer or water station, but I can reduce my carbon footprint by no longer using those wasteful water bottles I was buying by the case! 

Another huge plus is, with having the water dispenser in the kitchen, when the kids are thirsty, they can grab their cup, and fill it up, which gets them to drink more water without being told to do so. Then when it comes to style, well this water dispenser has it. I really like the sleek design, with the all over black with silver trim, and stylish buttons! Making the choice to go with the NewAir WCD-210BK a simple one for so many reasons! So if you are like many others out there, in the market for a water dispenser, that offers style for your home, as well as options for your water temperatures, then check out the NewAir WCD-210BK!

This post was sponsored by NewAir, all opinions are my own!
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