Gearing Baby up with Products from MAM

Preparing for a new baby can take some time, so I guess having those 9 months or so to get ready can really be helpful. At the beginning, it can seem like 9 months is a long time, but as those months come and go, we realize that the time goes by really fast. With a new baby coming in the very near future, we find that ensuring all of those odds and ends are in place and ready for when the baby gets here, is necessary. On the list of what needs to be in place, I find that a must have product, is the bottles, and one company that I have used in the past and will recommend to others is MAM.

With my babies, I have always chosen to breastfeed, but also pump, so I can give others the chance to feed and bond with baby, and also give me a chance to rest during a feeding. And with the bottles from the MAM line, I can easily transition from breast to bottle and back. I like that the bottles from MAM come apart in 5 parts, so I can clean them easily. I also like the silicone nipple, which helps make that transition from breast to bottle and back easy for both mom and baby. With the base ventilation system that these bottles have, I can also have a set of bottles that are designed to prevent extra air getting in babies belly, which helps prevent colic, gas and burps.

Then with the line of pacifiers I can get from MAM, I can be sure to not only have some incredibly adorable and stylish pacifiers for baby, but I like that the pacifiers are made for different stages, so as baby grows, I can trust the line of pacifiers from MAM, knowing that they are anatomically correct. Making it so the pacifiers fit babies mouth as they grow, and so the pacifier is always in the right position. I also like that they have a curved shield with large air holes, helping to keep babies skin from getting irritated and creating a rash. And with the fun pacifier clips I can get from the MAM line to help keep me from losing babies pacifiers, I can be sure to keep up with the pacifiers and have them handy when needed! In all, making the products from MAM, a line of products that are a definite must have when preparing for baby!

Product received, thank you to MAM for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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