#LeapPad3 Exploring and Learning Together with the LeapPad3

Finding ways to entertain and keep the kids minds going is something, that as a mom, I look for. I do enjoy, finding products, toys that offer both fun and educational aspects to them, to keep the kids from getting bored. I think that with today’s technology, I find it easier and easier to find such products, and when it comes to the tech devices, it amazes me when I can hand something to my kids, and watch as they figure out how to use it in the matter of minutes.

Now, Wyatt may only be 2, but with having older siblings, he finds that those tech gadgets and devices that his older siblings play on, are something that he is not only interested in, but something he can enjoy playing with as well. So for me, when I find items that I know Robert and or Estrella will like, I look for items that are durable, and kid tough, so when Wyatt does play with the items along with the help of a older sibling, it can hold up to any roughness from play that it might encounter.

Well, to help when it comes to those tech devices, that are very similar to the tablet Estrella might have, but that are made for younger kids like Robert and can even be used by Wyatt with the help of others, I was sent the LeapPad3 for review.

With this tablet, I like that the boys can play together, having fun, taking pictures, editing them, playing on a number of apps that are kid friendly, and so much more!

Wyatt likes that he can play with this tablet, as long as he has help, making him feel like a big kid. And I like, that when Wyatt and Robert play with their LeapPad3, it can withstand the play of boys, with the kid-tough features! These features include a shock absorbing frame and protective screen, which together, they help the screen from being damaged if it gets dropped. It also has built in bumpers, protecting it from edge and corner drops, and a reinforced body, which helps to protect it as well if it gets dropped!

I can really appreciate, the Kid-Smart content, which offers my kids a library of games and apps which are educator approved! Then for when Robert is using the tablet alone, he can take advantage of the personalized learning, which is personalized for his age and grade, and even grows with him by automatically adjusting the level to keep him engaged and challenging for him! I also like that the boys can learn from 2,600 skills, going beyond the basic skills, and engaging them in the subjects they know from school!

When the boys want to go on the web, there is a built in kid safe browser, where they can explore over 1,000 games, videos, and prescreened web content. Also, making it so that I can control the App Center Access and purchases, so there are no surprises on the kids buying and downloading apps, and I also know what they are using. The parental controls on this tablet are ones that I think any parent can appreciate, giving parents a 4 digit code to access everything on this tablet and only allow what you want your kids to see and access!

In all, making the LeapPad3, a device and toy, that is not only both educational and engaging, but also something that can bring my kids together, learning and playing together!

I received the LeapPad3 for free as part of a promotional program with LeapFrog and MomSelect. All opinions are my own.
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