LeapTV Pre-Sale Coming Soon!

If you have kids then you know that keeping them occupied and finding things to keep that boredom from setting in is what we aim for. I mean, sure there are games out there, but most are too complicated and require adult supervision when you have little ones. I find that it can be unfair, when the older kids get to play the games on the gaming systems, and the little ones are left out, because they are too little, and the games might be too hard for them to play and understand.

Well that is coming to a end, and something great or should I say amazing is coming! Very soon there will be a whole new gaming system coming out, one that is designed for kids ages 3-8, and will have over 100 games for them to play. Putting the kids in control and in their own game, on a gaming system designed for younger kids, with them being the star of the game with the Body Motion play, Pointer Play mode, and Classic Control where they use the controller to play, all making video game play, fun for little ones!

The system will be called LeapTV, and coming in the near future, LeapTV will be available for pre-sale! With the LeapTV, little ones can play educational and interactive games, be the star of their games and take control of the games as well, making the LeapTV a must have gaming system for any home with little kids, which will bring family game night in our home, to a whole new level!! So, on September 2nd, when the LeapTV goes up for pre-sale, be sure to reserve yours, so you can get your hands on this all new, interactive, and incredibly amazing gaming system for your home!

This post was part of a sponsored campaign by LeapFrog and MomSelect. All opinions in this post are my own.
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