Parents Just Don't Understand Premiers 8/23/14 on the Hub Network!!

As a girl from the 90’s, well I find that seeing some of those characters and stars from back in the day, come back to once again entertain my own kids, is like being star struck all over again! The 90’s were filled with bright colored clothes, attitude, and those boy bands that the teenage girls were in love with, so when I found out that Joey Fatone, from that much loved boy band of the 90’s, ‘N Sync , would be the host of the all new show, Parent Just Don’t Understand on the Hub Network, I was once again starstruck!

Yes you heard me right, Joey Fatone, is back, and will be the host of the new show that will hit the Hub Network on Saturday,  August 23 at 7 pm E.T.! So just like back in the day where girls everywhere swooned over those adorable boys from ‘N Sync, those now grown women, can once again swoon over their old teen heart throb and watch the new show with their families!!

The new show is a great one to add to any family tv time, and is a light-hearted, unscripted and fun loving show that the whole family will enjoy! It gives parents and kids a chance to change places, and take a walk in one anothers shoes, so they can experience the others real life struggles first hand, and gain a better appreciation for one another! So if you are a fan, and are looking forward to adding some new programming into your families list of must watch shows together, do like I did, and DVR the new series, Parents Just Don’t Understand!

Product Received, I was given the information and products from the wonderful people at the Hub Network, as I am a Hub Club Member! All opinions are my own.
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