Postpartum Kit for New Moms from HelloFlo

When we prepare for a new baby, we might not think of all of the things that a new mom might need to help her recover and feel comfortable after the delivery. I mean, we pack that bag for the hospital, and like many new moms, when I headed to the hospital to deliver my eldest, I realized that I was not prepared.

I had what I needed for baby, plus extra clothes for myself, but I had not packed some pretty essential items. I realized this after I delivered my daughter, and at that point, well I had to rely on what the hospital had, which were some pretty bulky pads, some mesh underwear, and not a whole lot else for postpartum care when it came to breast care.

Now, thanks to having lactation nurses on hand, most hospitals do have the nursing pads and ointment for the breasts, but the items they had at the hospital I delivered, were all sample items, not what I needed so I could be comfortable once I got home. Well, to help with the delivery of the newest member to our family, I was sent a great pack, that is meant for that postpartum care for a new mom, with the Postpartum Kit from HelloFlo!

With this pack of items, a new mom can be more at ease while she is in the hospital, when she packs the items in this kit in her hospital bag. These items are also great for when the new mom arrives back at her home, so she is not rushing to make a list of items that she needs, that she might not have thought of when she was preparing for babies arrival. The items in this kit are essential for any new mom after delivery and they include:

  • Dear Kate Leak-Free Underwear
  • 1 Pair Bamboobies Nursing Pads
  • 1 Box Always Infinity Heavy Pads
  • 1 Fabric Box to organize supplies
  • SW Basics Lip Balm and Lotion
  • 2 Ribbon Hair ties
  • Surprise Gifts and Goodies

Making the Postpartum Kit from HelloFlo, a kit that needs to be added to any moms list as she prepares for baby, or also a item that would make for a great baby shower gift, equipping mom for taking care of herself after the birth, since most of us focus on babies needs and not so much our own when preparing for a new baby! So if you are preparing for a new baby, or you know a new mom who is, be sure to get the HelloFlo New Mom Kit!

Product received, thank you to HelloFlo for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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  1. Christine
    August 9, 2014 / 3:57 pm

    I wish someone had given me this kit when I had my daughter!! i felt like no one told me what post partum was really going to be like.. I'll definitely be doing this with the next little one.

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