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With kids, I find that I am always in awe of them as they play. It just amazes me to watch their imaginations soar, and as a mom, I like to feed those precious imaginations of theirs with products that encourage that pretend play! Recently we were sent a set of products that will do just that, feed those imaginations of theirs with the Doorway Puppet Theater and Puppets from HABA!

In our house, one thing our kids like to do is put on their own plays. They do this with sets they will make out of old boxes that we are no longer using, and either using dolls they have already or by making their own dolls and puppets using popsicle sticks. Well, with the doorway theater we were sent, the kids can put on those shows they like putting on, and even engage Wyatt in on the play fun with the puppets!

Estrella is a girl with a huge imagination, as well as a love for the stage, so I like watching as she and her younger brother Robert, team up to write, practice, then perform their plays as a brother sister team! The fun theater includes curtains which can be put down, as they do a scene and or character changes. It is also very easy to put up, so after a day of rehearsals, they can then work on the set, making their show go off without a hitch!  I find that the theater helps give my kids that indoor theater that they aim for when they have tried to make their own, and I also like that after they are done putting on a show for us, we can easily take down the theater, store it away with the puppets, for another day!

So if you have a home with little minds, who love that pretend play, and who might also be young aspiring actors, then be sure to check out the line of adorable and playful high quality hand puppets along with the Doorway Puppet Theater that you can find from HABA!

Product received, thank you to HABA USA for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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