Snack Time with Cosmos Creations

Snack times in my home happen daily, and with 3 kids to have snacks available for, I like to have snacks on hand that they can all enjoy. A snack that I do like to serve to the older kids, but am weary about serving to Wyatt is popcorn. The kids love popcorn, but with those kernels that you get when eating a bag of popcorn, I worry about Wyatt choking on them. So when we were introduced to the popcorn varieties from Cosmos Creations, I was curios to see what the kids thought about them, and even introduce them to Wyatt!

With the Cosmos Creations, we can serve popcorn, to all three kids, including Wyatt, because the popcorn is kernel free, so I do not have to worry about Wyatt choking on any small kernels, and I also dont have to worry about any kernels getting stuck in teeth either. I also like that with the Cosmos Creations, they are Trans Fat Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO Corn, plus they do not have the Kernels or Hulls, making them a snack that the whole family can enjoy!

Another huge plus about the Cosmos Creations is, the variety of flavors we can choose from, which include a sweet and a salty variety, so we can have a great snack on hand for whatever snack mood we are in! I find the Cosmos Creations to be great for not only having at home for snack time, but also great for packing in the kids lunches this year when they head back to school! So if you enjoy having popcorn on hand for snack time, but do not want those annoying kernels or hulls, and if you want a variety of amazing flavors to choose from, then check out the popcorn varieties from Cosmos Creations!

Product received, thank you to Cosmos Creations  for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own!
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