The Aromamist from SpaRoom Essentials

In my home, I find that I enjoy having soothing, and relaxing scents, so I can enhance the mood in my home. A way that I have done this over the years, from the time I was a child, a way that my parents did it in their home, was with essential oils. I enjoy having a variety of essential oils on hand, and one way that I had used the essential oils, was by burning the oils in a oil burner with water. This way is not only a old way of getting the scents into the air, but is can also be dangerous with the candles that are used in the burners, especially with kids in the home.

So with having kids, I have found alternative ways to get those amazing aromas from the oils into the air of my home, that do not include burning anything. Aside from adding oils to a bottle of water and spraying around the house on the furniture and such, I have found that using the diffusers from SpaRoom Essentials to be a great way to not only get the scents from the oils into the air safely, but I like how easy they are to use and how classy they look in the rooms I place them in!

Well to add to my love of essential oils and the products from SpaRoom Essentials, I was sent the Aromamist to review. With this diffuser, I can add just a little bit of water in the water chamber, with a few drops of the essential oil that I am in the mood for, then sit back and relax, with my favorite aromas filling the room for all to enjoy!

I like that it is not only very easy to set up and use, but I can really appreciate the sleek design, so it can fit in, just about any room, not only giving the room the amazing mist with the scents in it, but also added decor to the room! Giving my home the spa ambiance, with a quiet, ultrasonic mister, for up to 3 hours, shutting off automatically when it is out of water! I can also choose to use this diffuser with or without oils, so I can also use it as a humidifier, without heat or chemicals. Making the Aromamist from SpaRoom Essentials, a great item to have in any home, to give you a spa like, relaxing feeling!

Product received, thank you to SpaRoom Essentials for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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