Tune in to Watch #FamilyGameNight Celebrity Edition this Sunday! #Partner

This post is sponsored by Hub Network. I will be traveling along with my family to attend a live taping of Family Game Night in exchange for my reviews on the experience, all opinions are my own.

Being a parent, you find that there is never a dull moment, and you also find that the time goes by way too fast. For me, I try to take advantage of every moment with my kids, knowing that one day, they will be adults, ready to take on the world, and ready to leave my little nest. To help with making my time with them as kids count, I like to find interests, things that we can all enjoy, and things we can enjoy as a family. We have found that even with Wyatt who, is just a month shy of two, there is a network, which has programming available for the whole family. This network not only provides that programming that we can all enjoy together, but they have programming that is fun, and brings us together! The network is called The Hub Network.

Over the past year, I was invited to be a HUB Club Blogger, which to me and my family, is a huge honor. Aside from getting insider information, and some amazing perks from the people at the Hub, we also have found a pretty awesome group of people there. They not only reach families by providing programming that is not only appealing to the kids, but also to the parents. They enjoy being able to entertain, and host families, and one show that you can see this interaction is on one of our favorite shows that we enjoy watching as a family. With the game show Family Game Night, you get all of those nostalgic family games, that I can remember playing in my own childhood, brought to life. Bringing the players to the stage as game pieces, playing the games in life size, and fun interactive versions.

Well, being the huge fans of not only the Hub Network, but also of the game show Family Game Night, you can imagine that when my family and I were invited to be in the audience, see this show in action first hand, go behind the scenes by checking out our favorite games that we have watched others play from home, and meet that amazing host in person, we were beyond excited! We were invited out to Hollywood, California in June, to not only audience members during a live taping of Family Game Night, but also meet and get to know some of the people behind the network, the people who help make the Hub Network the amazing network we know and love!

I shared some posts about our excitement for this journey, during the journey and shortly after the trip, about how amazing it was. But now, I not only want to share with you our love for the Hub Network and what they do to bring families together with great programming on our own family movie nights, but also share the fact that when you tune in this Sunday, August 3rd 7pm Est, you can watch the show we were invited to be a part of. The show is the Family Game Night, Celebrity Edition, and while you tune in, be sure to take a good look at the audience, and keep a eye open for Estrella and my husband, who were both dressed in red Family Game Night shirts!

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