Zebra Pens for Back to School

With the back to school shopping that we do for our kids, one list that I do honestly dread is my husband’s school supplies list for his college classes. Not only do we pay quite a bit just for the tuition alone, but on top of that, there are the books and school supplies that he needs so he can have the tools he needs while he is in class.

One item, that he always needs quite a bit of are the pens, and a brand that he and I both love is Zebra. Recently we were sent a pack of the Sarasa Gel Retractable Pens from Zebra Pens to review. For me, I personally like having gel pens on hand for my office, and for my husband, just the fact they are Zebra Pens is enough for him!

I like that these pens do write smoothly and gel ink dries quickly, so it does not smear, smudge, or end up all over our hands while we are writing. I also like the color varieties, since I enjoy having different colors to use when marking my calenders and such. Making these gel pens from Zebra Pens a great set of items to have in our home! So this year, as you prepare for back to school, whether it be for school aged kids or college, be sure to get some Zebra Pens to add to the mix!

Product received, thank you to Zebra Pens for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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