All Hail the Hoover (Guest Post)

The humble vacuum cleaner has come a long way since its invention in 1901, while different manual versions were around before then, the first motorized model revolutionized how we clean our homes. The trusty vacuum not only helps keep the home in tip top condition, it’s an essential piece of kit that helps keep your families health in check; asthma sufferers in particular can greatly benefit from a dust free home. Below are a few of the top models on the market suitable for homes of all shapes and sizes.

Dyson cordless D56

This Dyson hoover is a great option for hard flooring and those short of storage space. The beauty of this particular model is that the upright design helps save the back ache that often comes with household chores. The double edged head cleaner and cyclone technology make light work of biggest household mess; something all mums with small children will appreciate! There is also a floor wipe attachment so the hovering and the wipe down can be done almost simultaneously.

Mop STMOP 12 Steam cleaner  

This is lightweight and affordable, perfect for those on a budget. If you don’t have much experience with a steam cleaner before you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of this model. You might wonder how it differs from a good old mop and bucket, but the level of cleanliness is far superior. The bacterial wipes ensure germs are neutralised at a high temperature and the mop heats up after about 10-15 seconds and comes with a cordless usage time of up to 35minutes.

Black & Decker 3.6v handheld bagless cleaner

This is a great choice for busy mums short on time and for little emergencies! Sweeping and then hovering after toddlers can be a bit of a nightmare, especially when you’re the only adult around and this gem takes the stress out of those situations. Granted it’s probably not your best bet as the only hoover in the home, the charge time isn’t the longest so it would be pretty much impossible to use for a deep clean. However its double filtration cleaning system does give you plenty of power and value for money.

Vax W90-RU-B Carpet Cleaner

If it’s an upright household cleaner for carpet surfaces you are searching for this could be the one for you. With rotating brush bars (a la car wash style) and water jets that guarantee a deep clean this beauty will unblock the deepest stains and dirt from your carpet fabric. The upright models are no longer clunky or hard to manoeuvre; the seamless transition and weightlessness make light work of any carpet.

Hopefully you’ll now have a better idea of what kind of hoover will do the job for you!

Image by James West, used under the Creative Commons license.

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