Boy Scouts of America’s: Build an Adventure

As a parent, we want to ensure that as our kids are growing up, they are getting the best experiences out of their childhood, that they can take with them into adulthood. These experiences are ones like we had, ones that we remember and want to see our own children take with them as well. For our family, with having 2 boys, my husband wants to have our boys gain the same skills and experiences that he got from being a Boy Scout.

The Boy Scouts of America, is a organization that helps our boys, gain skills for not only survival, but for leadership and skills they can take with them into their adulthood. They provide youth with programs and activities to try new things, provide services to others and help them build self confidence, and reinforce ethical standards. As a parent to young boys, I can appreciate that when our boys join the scouting, they learn basic skills and learn the importance of teamwork, and go beyond by learning an appreciation for helping others in and around their communities.

We do enjoy taking our kids on camping trips, and with the Boys Scouts, they can go on these camping adventures with their peers, where they can camp, fish, climb rocks, go cave exploring, make new friends, race cars and do much more, which is something that not all parents can do with their kids on a regular basis. Giving kids a solid foundation for building character and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Well to help with encouraging scouting with children, the Boy Scouts of America, is showing parents how they can “Build an Adventure“, with the life changing experiences they can get from scouting that they will not get anywhere else! This campaign will show kids and parents, a new look on Scouting, showing them the endless possibilities when it comes to the adventures and skills the kids can get from being a Boy Scout!

The idea behind Build an Adventure, is to help parents, with giving kids more options than being stuck in the home and drowning in the technology that youth today can find themselves obsessed with. The Boy Scouts of America understands the stress parents have, with juggling jobs and home life, and struggling to spend quality time with their kids. Having Boy Scouts available, kids can spend more time outdoors, enjoying and exploring the world around them, and giving parents a way to give their kids that outlet to gain the skills and go on adventures, that will last a lifetime! So if you are a parent, and you want to find a way to give your kids the experiences that you got as a child, but find that having the time is a issue, or if you are looking for a great organization that helps with building confidence as well as so much more, then take a look at what the Boy Scouts of America has to offer!

I was provided with information from The Boy Scouts of America for this post. I was chosen to participate in this sponsored post through The Motherhood, all opinions are my own.

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