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As the time gets closer and closer for the newest member of the family to get here, I find that I am on the hunt for the products that will help in the months to come, with entertaining and also with babies development. Like many parents out there who have had babies, I know all too well that those first few months with baby fly by, so having products, on hand and ready to use as baby grows is not only ideal, but also a stress reliever for new parents. 

Well to help with slimming down that list of must have products for baby, we were sent the Baby Snug from Mamas & Papas to review. With my babies, I have enjoyed having these infant floor support seats, not only for having a seat for baby to sit in as we coo and play on the floor, but also for helping with strengthening babies back so they can learn to sit up on their own. I also found that using the Baby Snug is great for when baby starts showing interest in foods, and with the tray, I can put both toys and finger foods on it when baby is ready for that stage.

One of the first things that really stands out for me as a parent when it comes to the Baby Snug is the extra wide base, which helps to provide back support as well as comfort and keep baby from falling over as they are on the floor in the Baby Snug. The middle post, also helps to keep baby from sliding down and out as they begin to develop those back muscles and learn to sit up. I also like that the insert comes out, so the seat grows with baby, and can accommodate baby from 3 months of age until about 12 months!

Another feature that I really like about the Baby Snug is the removable tray, which comes off and can be put right back on very easily. It is also very easy to clean up, after baby has been playing in the seat. The tray is optional, so it can be used for playtime for putting toys on or little finger foods on for older babies, or can be taken off and the Baby Snug can be used as a little chair for baby to sit in, comfortably on the floor! In all, I, like moms around the world, find the Baby Snug from Mamas and Papas to be a must have for any parent when preparing for baby!
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Well to help with preparing for your own little bundle of joy, the wonderful people from Mamas and Papas would like to give one of my amazing readers their own Baby Snug in winners choice of color!!


Product received, thank you to Mamas & Papas and the PR Group for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.


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