#Giveaway Nutrition for Picky Eaters from Enfagrow Toddler

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I was sent some Enfagrow Toddler to give to my little Wyatt to try from Enfagrow as part of a sponsored post through the SITS Girls, all opinions in this post are my own!

Having kids, you find that there is never a dull moment, and I enjoy every bit of the good and the not so good. One thing I have learned with having 3 kids is that not every child is the same. Each of my kids have a personality unlike the other, and each have their own likes and dislikes. The likes and dislikes can be something as simple as one likes pink and the other likes the color green, to one will eat fish and be picky when it comes to vegetables, where the other might eat and enjoy their vegetables and dislike fish. This kind of picky eating can cause issues when it comes to preparing meals, trying to create dishes that everyone will eat and enjoy. The thing is, with them being kids, I want to ensure they get the vitamins and nutrients they need in order to grow up healthy.

Now as my kids get older, they find that things they may not have liked the last time they tried it, is now something the love, and I have learned that the years when they are the pickiest is during the toddler years. With having a toddler, who is becoming more and more picky, I worry that he is not getting what he needs every day. I mean, there will be days, where he will eat like a bird, maybe eating just a bite or two of his meals, and not eating anything else, and on those days I really worry about him. So like many parents in the same boat, I look for products, that can help me in ensuring that he is getting what he needs in his diet.

To help me with my picky eater, I was sent some Enfagrow Toddler Formula to try. One of the first things that caught my attention was the fact that the Enfagrow is the next step up from the Enfamil that I have trusted when feeding my babies formula! I can really appreciate that this toddler formula is made to grow with your child, to help them grow and get the important nutrients they need.

With a toddler, it is so important that they get the daily recommended amount of DHA, which is what nourishes the brain, because 85% of toddler brain growth happens before the age of 3. DHA is a omega-3 fatty acid, and it is a building block for the brain. Knowing the facts on my toddlers brain development explains why they are such curious and adventurous little people, learning something new each and everyday! So knowing that toddlers only get 25% of their daily recommended amount of DHA in their diets, is something I want to avoid, and I realize that having a supplement on hand for those days that my own toddler does not eat what I give him, is something that is very important for his growth.

Having the Enfagrow Toddler for my little man is not just a formula to give him, but a supplement that I can serve to him in a variety of ways! With the Enfagrow Toddler, my toddler will not only get DHA, but he will also get other important nutrients which are important for healthy growth like calcium, vitamin D, and iron. I like that I can use the Enfagrow Toddler in a drink formula if I want, but to ensure he is eating and still getting the nutrition he needs I can also incorporate it in a variety of recipes, like pancakes, smoothies, muffins and more! I found that not only using the Enfagrow Toddler, but also taking advantage of their site, I can educate myself on my toddlers growth, as well as find some great recipes that I know he will enjoy where I can use the Enfagrow Toddler as a ingredient!

Other benefits from he Enfagrow Toddler site that I have taken advantage of is learning about the different Enfagrow Toddler products that include the different formulas for different stages in a toddlers development which are the Enfagrow Toddler Transitions, which is made to nourish toddlers age 9-18 months, and the Enfagrow Toddler Next Step, which is made to nourish toddlers age 1-3! I also found that I can purchase the Enfagrow Toddler products in both the powder format and the Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Ready-to-Drink Cartons, which will be great for taking when we are out and when we go on vacation! In all, making the Enfagrow Toddler a must have product in my home for ensuring my little guy grows up getting the nutrients his little body needs!

Well to help with your little growing toddler, the wonderful people from the maker of Enfagrow would like to give one of my amazing readers their own Enfagrow Toddler gift pack (ARV $38) to try!

For a chance to win, tell me in a comment on this post, why you want to try the Enfagrow Toddler products!

NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE 50 UNITED STATES AND D.C. 18 YEARS AND OLDER ARE WHO ALREADY HAVE INTERNET ACCESS AND VALID E-MAIL ADDRESSES ARE ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Promotion begins 9/8/2014 at 12:00 AM PST and ends at 11:59 PM PST on 9/24/2014. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. Official Rules, eligibility, prize descriptions and odds disclosure are available at http://www.thesitsgirls.com/sweepstakes-official-rules/ . Sponsor: Mead Johnson & Company, LLC, 2400 West Lloyd Expressway, Evansville, IN 47721.

I received compensation and free Enfagrow for this post. Enfagrow would be happy to help you with your question. Please contact them at 1-800-BABY-123

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  1. Anonymous
    September 9, 2014 / 3:53 am

    to give my kid something that will fill them and be healthy when they do not want to eat healthyawpriest @ yahoo.com

  2. Betsy Smith
    September 9, 2014 / 1:04 pm

    i'd love for my daughter to try it b/c she's about to transition from breastmilk/formula in less than a month!

  3. Kate Newton
    September 10, 2014 / 9:59 pm

    I'd love to try Enfagrow because my toddler is super picky. I'm always worried that he isnt getting enough vitamins! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  4. karenm101
    September 10, 2014 / 10:54 pm

    I have a grandson who is very picky, this would be awesome for him :)

  5. Jenna Wood
    September 11, 2014 / 10:22 pm

    My nephew has a sensitive stomach so we'd love to try Enfamil.

  6. Cara Leigh
    September 13, 2014 / 12:24 am

    I would love to try Enfamil Toddler because sometimes I worry about whether or not my son is getting the right kind of vitamins with just regular milk as he is a bit picky when it comes to food, so he drinks a lot of milk.@hamsterkitten on Twitter

  7. Nancy
    September 14, 2014 / 11:30 pm

    Our granddaughter has just beome a toddler. I'd like her to try Enfagrow Toddler products so she has the DHA and nutrients she needs for proper brain growth.Nancyallibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  8. Em Ma
    September 17, 2014 / 11:42 am

    I'd love to try this because I like being able to ensure that my little one is getting the nutrients he needs, like DHA, calcium, vitamin D, and iron. I also like that this can be used in recipes or added to other foods so that I don't need to give him a bottle.

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