Hair Accessories from BindingCreations #Etsylove

The new school season is here and on top of the new school year, we will have a new baby joining our family in the near future. So as we head out shopping, Estrella and I find ourselves getting those adorable accessories, that will not only look great with some of the outfits Estrella has picked out for the new year, but also on the newest member of the family once it arrives. Now with Estrella, she is one who loves pink and zebra, so when we were sent the set of hair accessories from BindingCreations on Etsy, I knew they would be hair accessories she would really like.

With the hair bow and hair clip, Estrella can accessorize, with her pink zebra hair pieces, then, when the new member makes their appearance come late September, she can greet the baby with a matching hair piece, with the very adorable pink and zebra printed flower bows, which are sewn with care, and will look very adorable on both Estrella’s and the new babies heads!

I also found, when we went to check out the products from BindingCreations, that there is a great variety of hair accessories for babies, kids, and even women, including some very pretty handmade bouquets, making the Etsy shop, BindingCreations, a new favorite to add to our list of Etsy shops! So if you are looking for some of those adorable headbands for baby, hair accessories for you and your girls, or even a custom wedding bouquet, check out the products from BindingCreations on Etsy!

Product received, thank you to Binding Creations for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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  1. James Robert
    September 16, 2014 / 10:26 am

    Having 4 girls, they all love their hair accessories. I will have to check them out. Would make some great gifts for the kids stockings this year

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