Losing the Postpartum Baby Weight with MommySlim

As a mom, we do a lot to ensure that our kids are safe, happy, and healthy, and one big sacrifice we make is one that we do before they even get here when we carry them through a pregnancy. We sacrifice those once flawless bodies, so that we can bring a beautiful baby into this world, and like most mothers it is a sacrifice I would make over and over again! I do see my stretch marks as a reminder of carrying my babies, and I see those clothes that are in the closet that I do not see myself ever fitting into again, just as a thing of the past. But, like many mothers out there, I do want to get healthy and loose some of that baby weight that I accumulated over my pregnancies. Recently I was introduced to a program, one that does that, helps moms loose that baby weight. The program is called MommySlim, and it is designed to help mothers, both nursing mothers and mothers who are not nursing, so they can loose weight at a healthy rate.

To get me started on my own program, I was sent a MommySlim Premium Starter Kit, which includes the foods and snacks I need to get started, the meal replacement shakes, along with desserts and the on the go shakes!

Now I have tried different weight loss plans that are on the market, and most you have to kinda go out of your way to get the shakes, so having the on the go shakes, made a big difference! I mean, as a mom of 3, I find that there are many times when we are out, and if I need a shake, I will usually skip it if I am not home and get something else while I am out, so having those shakes that I can put in the diaper bag, makes a difference!

Another plus is the taste, having foods that taste great makes a difference as well, so I can really appreciate the flavors and having the selection from the meals to choose from! This kit makes loosing that postpartum weight easy, and is also mom friendly, making it a must have on my list for new moms and one that I will recommend to other moms who are wanting a safe and effective way to loose that postpartum weight!

So if you are a new mom, whether you are a breastfeeding mom or not, and you are wanting to find a safe and effective way to help with losing some of that baby weight, then check out MommySlim today and find a plan that will work for you!

Product received, thank you to the MommySlim for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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  1. Sarah Hayes
    September 30, 2014 / 4:35 pm

    this looks like a great way to lose weight. the shakes look yummy too. thanks for the review

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