The LeapBand & CLIF Kids Fit Made Fun Party! #FitMadeFun

In our house, we love to find reasons to get together with friends and family and have a party! With the kids, they love having the home parties where we try out new products and share these items with our friends and family. Recently, we were given the chance to have a home party with the new LeapBand from LeapFrog, and share some yummy CLIF Kid bars with our kids friends, through MommyParties! We held our party on Fit Made Fun Day which was September 6th!

To get the party started, we were able to find some fun party activities which included a fun game of frogs on the lily pads, a healthy habits hunt and more. We had a lot more planned for our party, but due to the weather, we were limited to making the best out of a indoor party filled with fun and activities. We had planned on making the party at our park, but with the weather issue, we decided to turn our garage into a Fit Made Fun Party Place!!!

The kids took turns checking out the new LeapBands we were sent, which were very cool to not only wear, but track the kids activity during the party, and for snacks, well the kids enjoyed taking a break in between games and sitting down for some strawberry lime water and CLIF Kid Bars to give them the protein needed to energize them for the rest of the party! With the relay game, the kids were able to take turns wearing the LeapBands, and track their teams, which was not only fun for the kids, but also for the parents.

The kids found the interactive pets on the LeapBands to be a lot of fun, and seeing that as they played, they not only tracked their activity but also earned points on the LeapBands made the activity and games that much more fun! They can also learn and follow along with their pets for healthy habits, which not only includes activity but also healthy eating habits and more. The kids can also take care of their pets, by playing with them, feeding them, and cleaning them, all while having fun, and all while learning along the way. The kids all enjoyed the LeapBands along with the games, snacks from CLIF Kid Bars along with the ending ceremonies that we did for the kids. At the end of the party, we rewarded each of our guests with a Fit Made Fun Certificate and a CLIF Kid Bar to take home and enjoy later!

In all, we found the day of fun to not only be a great way to get the kids up and going, but even with a rainy day, we were able to enjoy a day of indoor activities with the kids and their friends, getting those heart rates up, and staying active! We also found the LeapBands to be a great item to have for our kids and found that they are a great way to get the kids and keep the kids interested in physical activity. So if you have kids, and you want to find a fun way to get them up and going, and also track their activity with them, check out the LeapBand from LeapFrog today and also be sure to get some CLIF Kid Bars to help fill up and fuel your kids!

Recipe for the Strawberry Lime Water:

• 10 cups of water
• Fresh Strawberries
• 1-2 Limes
• Fresh Mint Leaves
1. Mix 10 cups of water with strawberries, thinly
 sliced lime wedges and chopped mint leaves.
2. Leave in fridge overnight.
3. Serve cold!

Frogs on the Lily Pads Game:

Get your party guests up and moving while they make their way through this fun game!
• LeapBands
1. Choose three children to be frogs. Have them stand in a line with wide spaces between them, facing the rest of
 the children, who should be at a distance.
2. The other children should be in a line with the first two in line wearing LeapBands.
3. Have each frog squat into a frog position on their “lily pad”
4. The adult in charge should then yell “Frogs on the Lily Pads!” and the frogs should begin leaping in place on
 their lily pads.
5. Meanwhile, the children wearing the LeapBands will then press the challenge button on their LeapBand to hear
 one of the prompts. They must then perform that action as they try to move/zig-zag between the frogs without
 being tagged by a leaping frog. (For example: If the prompt says “wiggle like a worm” the child must “wiggle like
 a worm” through the “lily pads” to the end.)
6. Any child that does get tagged by a leaping frog is now a frog and must take off the LeapBand to give another
 child a chance, and then they must squat on their own lily pad.
7. Those who make it through can get back in line and get another chance to move through the lily pads, but
 anyone who ends up tagged by a leaping from must join the frogs.
8. Continue the game until everyone has been caught.

I was chosen to host a “Fit Made Fun” MommyParty sponsored by LeapFrog and CLIF Kid!
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