Big G Retro Monster Cereals and Treats at Target

With Halloween just days away, it is time to get those ghosts and goblins in your life ready. For me, I find that there are many ways to get ready, from getting those costumes together, decorating the house, to the treats that I can have on hand and ready to share with the kids. When it comes to the treats, one series of treats that I can remember from when I was a kid, were those fun Monster Cereals that my mom would buy. Aside from the bowls of the Count Chocula that we enjoyed in the mornings leading up to Halloween, my mom would make a sort of trail mix, as a after school snack, using those fun seasonal cereals in the mix. Well to help with continuing those traditions and making more memories with my own kids, I was sent a variety of those iconic Monster Cereals, along with some fun and tasty treats that are perfect for those after school snacks, with those same monsterous cereal characters on them from General Mills!

With this selection of cereals and snacks, I can not only share those fun retro monster cereals that I remember, which are featured with those same iconic characters on them, but we can also take advantage of the free cutout masks that come on the back of each of the boxes of the cereals. I can also start a new tradition of after school snacks with the selection of treats like the Frankenberry Roll-Ups or the Count Chocula Treats!

I also like that after the kids finished off the boxes of the Big G Retro Monster Cereals and snacks we were sent, I was able to head to my local Target, to stock up on these throwback cereals and snacks. So as you prepare your ghosts and goblins for Halloween, head to your local Target store, and stock up on the Big G Retro Monster Cereals and Snacks! 

Disclosure:The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.
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