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My family have just moved and we’ve been looking for a few great art pieces that weren’t too expensive, but still went above the usual Ikea type print that you see in everyone’s home. is in my opinion, amazing.  Their collections range from Sports memorabilia to Music and Movie icons.  The prints aren’t just anything off the shelf, they are captured from some of the Globe’s most amazing and experience artists – people who actually spent time or knew the icon.

First things first – the husbands man cave needed a touch up.  He’s a huge Lebron James fan and we came across this print – We’re certainly not art aficionados, but Rock Paper Photo gives a great background on the photographer, who they are, where they’re from and what relationship they had with the person they’re taking the picture of.  It really is amazing, and gives a good talking point when having friends over :).

The price is justified.  The print cost $600, which is of course expensive, but for an original that you’re going to keep forever, it’s a great investment.  However – that’s not to say you shouldn’t look at getting a discount.

Rockpapershop like a lot of other sites, offers discounts, seasonal deals – and isn’t opposed to the regular discount coupons.

I did some research on the company and after a lot of digging found, an awesome deal site, similar to things like RetailMeNot, but I found their selections and broader scope of deals was a lot better.

I found the rock paper photo discount code online and it offered something in the range of a 10% discount, which for a $600 print is pretty huge.  They also have various offers such as free delivery etc.

They also offer specific artist discounts, i.e I’d seen a Madonna photo from 1982 when she started her career for $1,000.  A little out of my budget but I’m hoping it will be there when I return, as this picture is going up on my wall of choice – not the man cave :).

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