GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Real Underwear: Helping to Take the Anxiety out of Bedwetting

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites* TRU-FIT*, all opinions are my own.

When you have kids, you realize that each of them are different, and with that, you learn together along the way. As a mother to 3, I find that the differences with my kids is like night and day, and that having patience can go a long way. Over the years, one thing that each of my kids have had a issue with, is the accidents at night. They might not be every night, but when they do happen, I try to ensure that my kids understand that they are not at fault, and that accidents do happen. I also like to have products on hand, that can help take that anxiety and embarrassment out of the accidents that happen, to help make my kids feel more comfortable and more in control of the issue at hand.

As a parent, I know that bedwetting can happen, and in a recent study conducted by the GoodNites* brand, it’s estimated that 1 in 6 children between the ages of 4-12 in the United States suffer from nocturnal enuresis, more commonly known as bedwetting, so having products on hand that can help keep them dry is my aim!

To help with those night time accidents, we have always found the products from GoodNites* to be very handy. We have found that the products from the GoodNites* line help to keep my kids and their beds dry, even when those accidents do happen. Like many families who have the issue of bedwetting in the home, we want our kids to feel comfortable and not be embarrassed, so when we found out about the new GoodNites* TRU-FIT* underwear, we were excited to give them a try. We were able to find the new GoodNites* TRU-FIT* underwear at our local Target, and in a variety of sizes to choose from for both boys and girls.

One of the things that stood out for me was the fact that they are real underwear. They are cloth, and come in different colors and patterns for both boys and girls. I also found that I not only like that they are real underwear, but they are machine washable! They are very easy to set up for the nighttime, and I can restock on the disposable inserts as needed to help keep my kids dry through the nights.

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To get these underwear ready, all you need to do is take the insert out of the packaging, then put in with the text part facing down. You then tuck the inserts in the inside pocket, and once they are in place they are ready to put on and wear.

I like that with the disposable inserts, that they are super absorbent with the GoodNites* TRU-FIT* provides outstanding leakage protection with a six-layer advanced absorbent technology to help lock in wetness.

Aside from the real underwear look, and that they are machine washable, I like that the disposable inserts are very absorbent, so if there is an accident, my kids can wake with their bedding and clothes being dry, taking that embarrassment and anxiety of bedwetting out of the mix, and making it so that kids can feel more confident when going to bed, and even when the kids have sleepovers with friends!

So if your kids are in need of products that help to keep them dry at night, check out the GoodNites* TRU-FIT*, which you can find for both boys and girls and in a variety of sizes at your local Target, and also be sure that when you head to Target or right now, so you can get your on pack coupon, where you can get your savings on your purchase, or you can head to the GoodNites* TRU-FIT* site to get your coupon!

Also be sure to join in for the GoodNites* TRU-FIT* #TRUFITTARGET  Twitter Party taking place Wednesday, November 19 from 8:00 – 9:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites* TRU-FIT*.
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