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Being a mom, there are many things that I can remember my parents doing for me that I have done for my kids as well, and one of these things was making Sloppy Joes. I can remember looking forward to the nights when mom would make Sloppy Joes in our house, and I see that same excitement in my kids eyes when we make them in our house as well. Just as my mom did, we use the Manwich products to make Sloppy Joes with, and recently, we were sent an assortment of the Manwich products to use for our next Sloppy Joe night in our house!

With having a selection to choose from when it comes to the Manwich products, we can create a variety of dishes with those amazing Manwich flavors, for different Manwich Recipes and on different nights of the week. The kids enjoy the flavor that the Manwich products have, which we see as ‘kid stopping’ in our house. We like that even when we do not go for the classic Sloppy Joe when using the Manwich products, we can not only get amazing flavor, but we find it to be a great product to have on hand for those nights where we are in a time crunch when it comes to dinner. Like with the Sloppy Joe, being able to just add the Manwich sauce to a pan of ground meat, takes the, what to cook for dinner question out of the equation.

I like that aside from the ease of cooking with Manwich and finding a product that even my picky eater will devour, there are also an assortment of vegetables right in the sauce, which he does not even notice when we serve a Manwich dish.

Well, since the Sloppy Joe is a go to favorite, not only for me and my husband on those busy nights, but also a favorite food item that the kids will all eat without any protest, we used the Original Manwich for our most recent Sloppy Joe night. It is easy to prepare and serve, and when we serve Manwich at the table for the family, the sound of silence while eating, is a good sound, knowing they are enjoying the food on the plate and not arguing or playing on their electronic devices. Making Manwich not only a easy to prepare go to meal when we have our Sloppy Joe nights, but also a meal that will bring the family together at the table when it comes to dinner in our house!

So if you are looking for some Easy Weeknight Meals to cook for your family, add Manwich to your menu!

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  1. Casey H
    October 3, 2014 / 3:04 am

    This brings back memories…a good sloppy joe/manwich. Yum!

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