Monster 500 Toys for Holiday Gift Giving

As we head out to the stores and look around, the reality of it all begins to set in, the reality that in the near future, the holidays will be upon us. So to get those holiday shopping lists started and get a head start on this years shopping, I would like to share some of the hottest products that will be flying off of shelves this holiday season. To get started, I was sent some of the products from the Monster 500 Collection, which can be found exclusively at Toys R Us!

This collection of toys brings that love for cars, play sets, and the ghoulish and grotesque characters that kids love, all into one amazing collection! You can find and collect both the big and little cars along with the 2 play sets that are available.

With the small vehicles, kids can find 10 to collect, and the vehicles not only have those monsterous characters driving the 3 inch vehicles that are available in either single packs or packs of 3, but these little cars are fast and fun to race as well! Each of the vehicles come with a trading card, making them even more collectible when it comes to those holiday wish lists!

The next size up when it comes to the cars, the kids can find the 4×5 inch cars that come in 4 different characters, that not only move around, but also have noises and lights that activate as they go, when you touch the button!

For the play set fun that can be had with the characters from the Monster 500 collection, kids can enjoy fun with the Monster Graveyard Gauntlet Tack Set, where they can race their little Monster 500 vehicles, and race to the finish and do some fun dare devil moves!

Then for some even more play set fun, kids can have a monsterous time with the Monster 500 Toxic Terror Trap Play Set! This set is not only fun for the kids, but for those like my husband, who is a kid at heart, they can play with the the set, racing the small Monster 500 cars through, going through the freaky factory, toppling the toxic terrorizing monster, all while trying to avoid being eaten by the mutant gator! There is a elevator where you can place the cars and watch the fun begin! Also, to let the fun continue, parents can download the free app, where those Monster 500 characters come to life in a fun racing game! In all, making the Monster 500 products, a must have this holiday season!


Product received, thank you to the Monster 500 and ChildsPlayPr for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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