Plan your Holiday Travel with the 2015 Chevrolet Suburban

With the holiday shopping making its way back into peoples minds, and those holiday plans being made, it is the perfect time to get what is needed in order to make the holiday travel go smoothly this year. As in past years, we have gone over the options available when it comes to the different modes of travel, and for those who will be driving long distances over the holiday season with a family, we found the 2015 Chevy Suburban to be the ideal vehicle to go with this year! To help facilitate my review on the 2015 Chevy Suburban, I was sent one for review.

As a family with kids, I find that when we travel long distances, having the room for everyone to relax and have their own space is ideal, and with the Suburban, that is exactly what we got! When the Chevy Suburban arrived, one of the first things that grabbed my attention was its size, and like most, I put the size with the gas mileage, but I was quickly shown how wrong I was, and that even with vehicles, you should not judge a book by its cover.

Like most, I had always thought that with the bigger vehicles, comes more gas that you end up going through, but once we loaded up with the entire family, plus our luggage and headed out on the road, I was shown right away that with the 2015 Suburban, we can not only get the room we need, but also save on gas! We took our family on a cross country adventure, going about 20 hours in the vehicle each way, and while on our trip, we were in shock to see an amazing average of 22 mpg!!!

The ride was smooth, and aside from the money we were saving on the gas, we also found comfort in the in car entertainment that we were able to use. Having the 3 rows of seating is a huge plus when traveling, but also having 2 drop down screens for the kids to watch as we drove, along with the Wi-Fi headphones that were available, we were not only able to have comfort but also entertainment in place to help make the time go by a lot smoother. Another plus about the in car entertainment was that even as the kids were watching their movies, we could listen to the radio, making it so everyone was happy on this trip!

When it comes to the comfort aspect, the room we found in the Chevy Suburban was heavenly! I mean, in the front as a passenger, I found the leg room to be very comfortable, and with the second row of seats, the passengers not only find that leg room as well, but the isle in the middle helps with keeping siblings who may not want to be sitting too close together, giving them elbow room they need. The open isle was also convenient, giving the third row passengers a easy way to get in and out. Then with the third row of seats, there is not only that room, but just like the rest of the seats, there are cup holders available. And even with a full vehicle, there was still room in the very back to pack in our luggage, leaving the passengers room to relax instead of having luggage in the way.

Other comfort features include the air control we had throughout the vehicle, along with the heated seats that not only the driver and front passenger were able to use, but the second row passengers were able to use as well.

Aside from the comfort aspect, we found the different charging ports available throughout to be a lifesaver! So when the kids were not watching their movies, they could plugin their various devices, with the 12 available charging locations, from the USB ports, and car charger ports, to the outlet that is available which came in handy when charging my laptop, allowing us to keep the kids and even ourselves entertained in a variety of ways! Also, having the ports available throughout the vehicle made it so more than one person could charge their devices at once. And with the Bluetooth, we were able to sync up to 10 devices using the Chevrolet MyLink, giving us hands free control of our phones and other Bluetooth wireless devices!

When it came to the other features, I really liked the keyless start, which made it so in order to start the vehicle, you had to have the keys within the vehicle and in range, and push in the start button while holding the breaks, making the start up a great safety feature, especially with curious kids!

Then with the other features, I really liked the side steps, which only come down when you open the doors, the backup camera, which is a necessity not only while you are driving around for those everyday trips, but also a must have feature with kids. The navigation system, which is really handy, especially while you travel out of town, and having the OnStar available and there to help when you need it, all together, making the 2015 Chevy Suburban, a must have for not only this years holiday travel, but also for a great gift to get for your family this year!

So as you make those plans for holiday travel, be sure to take a look at the 2015 Chevrolet Suburban, not only for style and comfort, but also for the amazing fuel savings you can get!

This was not a paid post. I was given a Chevy Suburban to test drive for two weeks in exchange for the review. All opinions are my own.
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