Protecting & Sharing Your Photos with the Daily Kiddo #Free App

Being a parent is a very special thing, and from the time our babies are born, we share every moment. With social media, the sharing of those moments becomes a very easy task, but as those feeds become cluttered with game requests, ads and other updates from friends, those moments that we want to share with loved ones, can get lost or overlooked.

As a parent, I not only find that sharing pictures and milestones of my kids is something I enjoy and see as a necessity since my family is spread out across the country, but I also find that those pictures I put out there, can end up being stolen, or looked at by someone who I do not know nor want seeing my kids pictures. So, like many other parents out there, I seek out products and apps, that can help make the sharing of those moments and photos, more personal.

Recently I was introduced to such a app, when I was told about Daily Kiddo. Daily Kiddo is a free app, and can be found in the iTunes store. The download is very simple, and once I added the app to my iPhone, I found it was easy to use and navigate. Oh, and if you do not have a iPhone, no worries, because you can also download Daily Kiddo for your Android devices!

Once you have downloaded Daily Kiddo, you can get started right away by creating albums for your kids. From there, start adding those family members and friends, who care and who you want to share those precious pictures and updates with. Also, once you have added friends and family, you can all begin to share photos, videos, and even notes together, making the sharing experience a very personal one, and a private one as well.

I like that you do not have to worry about your photos being stolen or seen by strangers, since the Daily Kiddo App steers clear of the social networks that are out there. You can also notify those you want to share with, when you post updates and see when they have viewed those pics, videos and updates. I also like, that even when my daughter takes those selfies that she is obsessed with, she can share easily, so she can update grandma who is over 800 miles away, without me having to worry about who will see her updates.

So if you are a parent or caregiver, and you want to share and see those amazing updates and milestones that your kids and family have, using a app that makes things easy and even private, then check out Daily Kiddo today and start sharing!

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This is a sponsored post, thank you to Daily Kiddo for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.
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  1. Justin Faber
    October 18, 2014 / 9:21 pm

    Great Idea! I'll give it a try for sure

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