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Over the past few years, my husband has been working on getting his bachelors in Social Work. This has been a passion of his and being able to put the gears in motion, is something we made a decision on a few years ago when we decided for him to go back to school and pursue his dream. With that said, we have had to make a lot of sacrifices, so we can afford the classes, supplies, and books that he needs for school.

We have found that this is a very costly venture, especially when it comes to the books he needs every semester. I mean, when it comes to the books, we have found where some of the books alone can cost up to $350. This can be a big deal, especially when there a several books needed each semester for his classes. So for me, I seek out ways that we can save money when it comes to his schooling, from hitting up all of the school supply sales each year and stocking up on the supplies both he and our kids will need. Then when it comes to his books, I have found that we do not have to go through the campus book store where we end up spending way to much for a book that he will only be using for a few months. To save us money when it comes to his books, I have found that we can rent the books, at a very affordable rate using the site!

With CampusBookRentals, we can save anywhere from 40-90% off of the book store prices. They also offer free shipping both ways, making it easy to rent and return the books at the end of each semester. The rental periods are flexible, so we can choose the plan that is needed, and with CampusBookRentals, if need be, my husband can highlight in the books, so he can get the most out of his classes, without having to worry about the buy back at the end of the semester.

Another perk about utilizing the site is, for those books that we did end up paying for, instead of selling them back to the book store at the end of the semester for a small fraction of the price we originally paid, we can use the Rent Back program, where we can rent out the books we have bought, to other students, and make money each time it is rented, which in the long run, is more profitable than the book store buy backs at the end of the semester!

With using CampusBookRentals, we not only find that we can save money, and even earn money, but the process for both renting and renting out books is very simple, and for each book that we rent, they donate to Operation Smile! So if you are a student, or know someone who is, and want to find a way to not only save money on those expensive text books, but also a way to earn money on the ones that have already been used, then head on over to today!!

I was provided with information from Campus Book Rentals for this post. All opinions are my own.
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