Taking Control of your Files and Photos with DSTRUX

In this day and age, where just about everything in our lives is shared through social media and emails, we might find that there are some things that we might not want everyone to see, or things that are accidentally shared. Like when my toddler gets a hold of my phone and starts pushing buttons, for me to find out he shared photos that I was not wanting to share, or a message that was meant only for one person and not everyone else to see. The issue of sharing, over sharing, or accidentally sharing can be one that can cause stress, unwanted stress, because once those photos or messages are out there, they are out there forever, or are they?

This issue is something that many of us face, and it was not until recently, when I was introduced to DSTRUX, that I found that those photos, files, and even messages can be erased, or blown up, using the DSTRUX site!

With DSTRUX, I can send files, photos, messages, to who I want, when I want, and with those items I send, I can put a time limit on them, so when time runs out, they go away and can not be viewed by others again! I found that I was able to send photos from my sisters wedding, to family and friends, and control who sees them and for how long those photos can be viewed. I was able to do this by uploading the photos, then choosing who I shared with, and this also made it so those photos that my sister might not want everyone to see, can be seen then destroyed after those we want seeing them have seen them, and they go no further!

This can be done with not only personal messages, but also on social media, and I can see if they share it, who views it, and control the sharing. Then with the self destruct timer, I can limit how long a picture or message I shared, is allowed to be seen!

Giving me complete control on what I share, so those photos I share, can not be shared again if I dont want them to, they also can not copy and paste, take screen shots, or even print off what I send. Oh, and say if I accidentally shared a photo through DSTRUX, I can make it self destruct at any time! I also like that I can use DSTRUX both on my personal computer and phone, making it so even when my toddler gets a hold of my phone and shares that embarrassing picture, I can make it self destruct and act as if it never existed, erasing any evidence with the encryption that is on the files. So even if someone tries to save it, it will be gone, and erased!

With the DSTRUX, I have found that I can control what I share, track what I share, set a self destruct timer to what I share, and even shred what I share, erasing the digital footprint that we leave! Making the DSTRUX App and site, a must have for anyone who has used social media and emails!

This is a sponsored post, thank you to DSTRUX and the PR for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.
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  1. Lauren O.
    October 24, 2014 / 3:39 pm

    It is really interesting how you can make a photo destruct at any time. I like things like this that let me choose who sees my photos because I am very selective about pictures I share on social media. Thanks for introducing me to DSTRUX.

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