Worst Case Scenario: Be Prepared For Moving

No matter how seasoned you are in moving to a new place, you can never be too prepared. There are plenty of things you need to think about even before you start moving, so it is advisable to be prepared weeks or even months in advance. You might even want to place some of your furniture in a storage in West Los Angeles to minimize your clutter. So, before you start your life in your new home, first you have to prepare your big move.

Here are some tips that will prepare you for moving:

Sort your items. Moving into a new place and starting anew is a good way to get rid of junk that you have accumulated through the years. At least two months before moving, start segregating your items. Throw away things that have no use, donate useable items that you no longer need, and eliminate all the clutter that you have.

Prepare packing and labelling supplies. Packing and moving go hand-in-hand and you have to spend plenty of time packing, especially if you have a lot of items. Prepare packaging and labelling supplies such as tape, boxes, plastic, bubble wrap, and a permanent marker. Contact your moving company, as they may be able to provide you with these items at a lower cost.

Separate your valuables. When packing your items, make sure to separate your valuable items from the rest of the objects that will be transported to your new home. If you have a safe, it is better to transport your valuables yourself rather than tossing them in with the rest of your items.

Choose your mover. Make arrangements with your chosen mover one month before your scheduled move. Choose a company with a good reputation and make sure that you give the correct address, moving date and time, and other important details that your mover needs to know.

Start packing. Start packing the items that you don’t use often. This will leave you enough time to carefully pack all your items before moving. Don’t forget to clearly label all boxes, so that you know where each item is when you get to your new house. You may also want to pack by room, so it is easier to arrange items in your new house.

Verify the moving truck. When the moving truck arrives at your place, check the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) number located on the side of the truck. See that the number matches the one that is placed on the receipt the moving company gave you. You can never be too careful of scammers.

With these few tips for moving, you will have a smoother experience from the start to the finish. It may be easier to get help from friends and family when packing your items. As soon as your items arrive in your new place, be sure to inspect all of the boxes and furniture to ensure that everything arrived in good condition. It’s helpful to have a checklist, too. Happy moving!

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