Holiday Gifts from Fisher-Price w/ the Imaginext Battle Rover

In my house, when it comes to the toys my kids want and like, it can be like night and day. On one hand I have my daughter, who is a very girly girl, who loves her Barbies, Monster High, and makeup, then on the other hand, I have my boys who love their cars, dinosaurs and trains. So when it comes to gift giving over the holidays, I go in two completely different directions at times so I can ensure that they get want they want! To help with this years holiday shopping, I was sent the very cool, Imaginext Battle Rover to review.

The Battle Rover is not your everyday vroom vroom, as my boys would put it, in fact it is unlike any of the other toy cars and trucks that they have. It is a big, and very cool vehicle that can give my boys the ultimate outer space experience. There is both a fun small space vehicle that can be manned by one of the Imaginext characters that come with this awesome machine, along with a space shuttle!

The little space vehicle can go on a patrol of the terrain, then drive right back up inside of the Battle Rover in the compartment that opens up for driving in and out of on the bottom. There are also cool sounds with over 200 sound effects and phrases, lights that flash, and weapons that the kids can control.

This all in one vehicle, has a launch pad, space station, that is kid powered, and when the boys make it to their drilling destination, they can activate the drill as well! They can go from exploration to battle mode when their Battle Rover comes under attack, then launch the shuttle as it shoots out disks at potential alien threats!
There are places to store the characters that come with this Battle Rover, where they can drive the rover, fight off aliens or survey new and unexplored lands, making the Imaginext Battle Rover, a must have toy for the holidays!

Product received, thank you to Fisher-Price and the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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